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Scooters riders required to wear helmets
Published on: 2020-05-20
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scotter 03As China's new traffic policy that makes wearing helmets compulsory for electric scooter riders comes into effect on June 1, the price of helmets is expected to rise alongside a helmet supply shortage in the short term.

Helmets which were sold for 30 yuan ($4.22) before April are now sold at prices higher than 80 yuan.

The helmet price increase began after the Chinese Ministry of Public Security on April 21 launched the campaign "one helmet, one belt," which will take effect on June 1, aiming to protect people on the roads by mandating scooter riders to wear helmets and car drivers to fasten their seatbelt.

China already had a policy requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets, but this is the first time Chinese authorities have forced electric scooter riders to follow suit.

A police talks to a scooter rider who did not wear a helmet on Thursday in GuangzhouA police talks to a scooter rider who did not wear a helmet

According to official data, as of June 2019, there were nearly 250 million electric scooters in China. Taking unregistered scooters into account, that number could be as high as 300 million.


自2020年6月1日起,全国将开展“一盔一带” 安全守护行动。行动期间,公安交管部门将加强执法管理,依法查纠摩托车、电动自行车骑乘人员不佩戴安全头盔以及汽车驾乘人员不使用安全带行为。







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